Monday, January 11, 2010

Cold War Kids: Behave Yourself EP

By Captain Pownzor
Staff Blogger

Since the first time I heard hang me up to dry, I’ve been intrigued by the sounds of Cold War Kids. The behave yourself Ep does not disappoint either.
Starting off with the clap happy jams of audience, the band proclaims to “drop the needle were playing for an audience of one.” That’s right cold war kids dropped the needle for me dammit. Or you…if you happen to be listening too.
Coffee spoon is an eclectic almost traditional Spanish style guitar, mixed with a sort of dueling harmony between Willet and Russell. This is definitely something new and a slower side to the band.
The third song Santa Ana Winds is basically just another song off of Loyalty to Loyalty. Its got a great buildup but after it just begins to take off its over. If you like the sound of the last album you will love this bittersweet track.
Finally the 4th and last track that floored me.
Back in 2006 Cold war kids put out an EP whilst on tour, called With our wallets full. It had some really great tracks on it like, Rubidoux and Red Wine Success. The end of the EP had a song called Sermons vs. The Gospel in a really rough cut demo version.
Well, here I am listening to behave yourself, and I hear something familiar, Yes they have retooled the song and shortened the title to Sermons.
I have to say the professionally done version of this song is just brilliant. With a soul like quality and some really thought provoking lyrics you’ll feel like your sitting in a southern Baptist church yelling TESTIFY!

If you want to check out Behave Yourself Its out on Itunes Jan 19. Here's the Teaser on youtube.

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