Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Artist Profile: Borderline Clover

By Cpt. Pownzor
Staff Blogger

Borderline Clover is an indie rock band from Guelph ON. Although I have not seen too much coverage or heard too much of a buzz behind this band I am very impressed with their work. Soft vocals like Belle and Sebastian before them with an indie/classic rock edge. The song "The sundance social" has a classic rock heart inside of an indie rock song. This is not your average coffee shop indie band. Complicated breakdowns and the incorporation of a number of different instruments make sundance a notable song. In contrast a song like "Teacup" has a bluesy jam band sound to it. A touch of mystique in the sound of the song with the wavering trumpet in the background and some psychedelic effects during the breakdown. This band adds variety even within its music with lots of variance and solo's to be found sometimes even in the same song. If the band were to get some more buzz they could take off on the indie scene. I will keep my eye on Borderline Clover and I am anxious to see what the future holds for them.

Check out Borderline Clover's Myspace
Or fan them on Facebook

Shadows Of Tall Trees: Naive Logic

By Cpt. Pownzor
Staff Blogger

Shadows of tall trees are something a little bit different which is what is needed in these days of the new wave. They are like a softer bloc party or maybe a more sensitive mgmt without acid? All and all they meddle around in electronica with lots of cool noise and some hella catchy beats. The song Naive logic, is an effort that doesn't ooze the same amount of pop as some of the rest of the songs up on myspace. Its a song you don't really know whether to dance or cut yourself to. There is lots of joyous noise and drumbeats everywhere! But also some quiet emoliscious singing to balance it out. You can tell that a lot of fiddling goes into one of these songs and it produces an original and interesting result. Naive logic is a difficult song to pinpoint and is definitely one of a kind.

Check out Shadows Of Tall Trees on myspace

Self Made Soul: Warcry

By Captain Powzor
Staff Blogger

Self made soul is a post hardcore, alt rock band by definition. The song Warcry has this sound locked in. Its got some originality but to a point. The sound you have heard before as with the riffage, hell the progression might even be ripped off. The band however uses breaks and silence really well. The breakdown in this song is just entirely badass. The screaming guitar riffage in the backround is there and blistering and the bass is something that makes my heart shake. The band has got some chops. The song is good enough for mainstream, but only the average. I could see this band going places, just maybe not to the top.

You can check out Self Made Soul's Myspace here.

Adam's God: When They Eat Us All

By Captain Pownzor
Staff Blogger

This song starts off sounding like something out of the game doom. Not Doom 3 kiddies, I'm talking about old school Doom 95 midi shit. Its interesting to say the least, I would recommend Adam's God to the hardcore industrial fan if you like Nine inch nails is pop in comparison, Adam's God is certainly out there. The production quality could use some work, the midi sound bites are pretty lost on me. It does bring me back to the days of my windows 95 gaming but that's not really what I look for in a song. The vocals are wavering and out of tune at times but this could again lead back to production quality. The song sounds like something from the early industrial scene and that is nice to hear if your looking to reminisce, but I just do not see that coming back anytime soon. Don't get me wrong there is some really cool soundbites used in this song, it could just use some firming up as far as mixing and maybe some stronger guitars to bring it forward a few decades.

Check out Adam's God On myspace

The Sound Archives: Party At The Gallows

By Captain Pownzor
Staff Blogger

With the alarming amount of pop punk bands flooding myspace, I was pleasantly surprised by the sound archives, they are actually more rock than anything. In fact they remind me
of Fall out boy meets the Deftones. This band is by no means stale, the song Party at the Gallows takes that popular, new music sound and puts their own unique spin on it. The bass line thumps, the guitar part is layered and precise, vocals are solid. As a band they crafted this song and polished it and this really shows. The lyrics strike me as a bit poppy, its got a reeaaaaally repetitive chorus and it is definitely about a break up of some kind: "Sleep in my bed, take a walk in my shoes,smile at the crowd give them something new". It more or less reads like a high school diary. The quality of the band greatly overshadows the lyrical shortcomings. This song is hit quality for sure and I am really surprised that this band is still unsigned.

You can check out The Sound Archives on myspace

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Antlers: Two

By Cpt Pownzor
Staff Blogger

Although The Antlers are not super well known, with more efforts like their new album, Hospice, they very soon will be. Hospice was based around the idea of a loved one battling cancer, listening to it can really stir up some emotions to say the least. This is an amazing song and album from this group who started off in the New York indie scene. They can really only be classified as an indie rock band, there's elements of folk, emo, pop, rock its just a real orgy of sound in one song. Not that this is a bad thing at all. The song has the ability to stick in your head like crazy and really draw emotion out of you. I could see fans of The Arcade Fire, Wintersleep and maybe even Death Cab for Cutie, really enjoying this band.
"Two" starts off really simple and lo fi and turns into a song with many, many layers. The toy guitar sound from the beginning, gets piano, synth, electric guitar, trumpet and strings by the end. The vocals grow more urgent and powerful as does the sound. This song has great feeling and obviously a great meaning to the artist. It's by no means a happy go lucky song, but at any rate that's what makes it so good. The wavering vocals and the heartfelt lyrics which seem to be ripped from a journal or even a eulogy relate perfectly back to the theme of the album. The complicated layering and the amazing buildup make it a great indication of what this band is capable of.

The music video for "Two" is animated and especially super, you can find it here.
You can listen to more of The Antlers on their myspace

Monday, September 28, 2009

Joe Noob's Myspace Band Of The Week: Dala

Staff Blogger

The acoustic, indie darlings from Toronto, Dala, is officially the first MySpace Artist of the Week. The duo narrowly beat out Ottawa powerpop rocker Rachel Ferguson.
It would appear that I am all about the pop this week, even though all that has been coming out of my iPod headphones has been Monsters of Folk, Bob Seger and Led Zepplin for the past week.
I can tell you one thing for sure- that is going to change.
Folk, classic rock, I would like to introduce you to pop and powerpop...I hope you four get along alright.
Dala’s hit “,Levi Blues,” has what every hit country/pop song needs: a catchy acoustic riff, a poppy melody and of course a story about love. It isn’t awfully original; in fact, part of what makes it so catchy and appealing is it sits so well on your ears, like an old familiar tune.
I know, I know, I said country and pop, which means 80 per cent of you probably just said GTFO and are about to close your browser, but hear me out.
The sad love song “Hockey Sweater” sounds like a song that would be sung by Glen Hansard of The Frames, in fact, listening to it, I can’t help but hear Glen’s voice singing in the background somewhere. Even though there is no male vocals. Maybe the reason I think of Hansard when I hear “Hockey Sweater” is that the vocals sound so much like Czech singing Markéta Irglová, who sung alongside Hansard in the 2006 film Once (highly recommended...some of the best love songs out there.)
Not only will I be searching the stores for Dala’s album, but I will be keeping a watchful eye out for tour dates. And so should you.

This has been Joe Noob’s MySpace Artist of the Week.
If you know of a band that you think should be spotlighted in my Band of the Week, please email us , or visit us on Twitter or MySpace.

To check out Joe Noob's Myspace Band of the week, look no further than Dala's Myspace

Cinematic Orchestra (Feat Patrick Watson) : To Build A Home

By Captain Pownzor
Staff Blogger

I know that this has been out a while but no matter. I just recently stumbled across a live performance of this beautiful song. The song was first featured on Grey's Anatomy (lets not judge now). Although he may not be terribly recognizable Patrick Watson is a Canadian musician and hes been at it for years. A brief synopsis of Patrick through my eyes would be his breakthrough album "Close to Paradise" (song Drifters) was ok, his work with cinematic orchestra was staggering, and his new album Wooden Bones I have yet to really get into fully. I don't know if its just all same old same old or whether it is something that will grow on me, it will take some more listens before I can base an opinion on it. To build a home however, gives me chills, especially in the live performance. The unique vocals and the orchestra make for a really moving piece. If you are a hopeless romantic or even the least bit sensitive at heart give this track a listen and I dare you not to call that special someone.

Check out the performance here

Lost Innocence: Survival Of The Fittest

By Cpt. Pownzor
Staff Blogger

This band just hasn't got enough balls for me sadly. The song is some ode to blink 182 with other bands like the Atari's sound thrown in at random. If you are expecting something new do not hold your breath. The guitar track is painfully overpowering the rest of the mix, but the recording is done well overall. Simple lyrical style with decent vocals, its nothing to raise an eyebrow over though. The band sounds like it would be very tight at a live show. I can only hope they would lead by attack attack's example and show off some sweet crabcore moves to keep me interested. Lost Innocence has to take a cue from their own song title and read the rest of Charlie Darwin's book. Its time to evolve. If this band could get some exposure, beefed up their sound and made better mix of this song I could see them being taken up by some die hard pop punk fans. Notice how I say POP PUNK, this band is no more punk than Green Day is today. This song is filler for your average 14 year old skater kid's Ipod. Although if it were on his Ipod, his friends would call him a pussy and tell him to listen to Alexisonfire.

Check out the Lost Innocence Myspace

Ironlight River: Six Deleted Spaces

By Captain Pownzor
Staff Blogger

I was pretty impressed with this track. I'm all for some chill out folkie soft rock, and this certainly delivers. The track reminds me a little bit of Snow Patrol. Production quality is awesome with some nice strings in the background. If your looking for a track for the next Meg Ryan "rom com", think about this for the big 360 pan kiss where she omnomnoms some poor young mans face off. My only real gripe I have is the relaxed vocals could be stronger. I know its a folkie style but the harmonies were sort of lost on me in places. Overall though I could see this band doing well if their material is similar to this and with a little more exposure. If your looking to emo it out or a good rainy day track give this one a download, its made it into my library for sure.

You can download Ironlight River's Six Deleted Spaces Single Here
Or check out the song on their myspace

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Monsters Of Folk: The Right Place

Staff Blogger

If you didn’t see this coming you’re deaf or you don’t listen to Conor Oberst.
The man that was once the king of emo has gone
Monsters of Folk are doingitright. I find myself a fan of both the alternative music scene and the country music, but lately country has gone mainstream and really dropped the ball. Music in general has dropped the ball some might say. But alas, when ever music has needed a boost of inspiration or creativity Folk has always stepped up to the plate. I’m not proclaiming Monsters of Folk the saviour of modern music, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they end up sparking something here.
I would be lying if I said this song sounded original, because the truth is, it sounds like the classic country/folk songs I and so many others love. It inspired warm feelings in the deepest part of me and makes me sit back and smile while I think about all the dropped jaws when Bright Eyes fans hear the twang in Oberst voice echoed by the voice of Jim James.

You can check out the song and music video here.

The Independent: Life's Too Short

Staff Blogger

The Independent- Life’s Too Short

Thanks you sir, great job on driving home the message bands like Three Days Grace have been selling kids for years.
Life’s too short is catchy, but the hook is a little wordy. I understand you’re trying to be clever, but repeating “If I cut the metaphorical umbilical in two” just gets annoying. It isn’t that clever. Either you are underestimating the public’s ability to tell that this song isn’t from the point of view of a child just coming out of the womb, or you know you’re audience and I don’t....the second option means your audience is stupid.
The Independent’s sound reminds me of a band I am sure no one know, Leave With Me.(Check out the myspace!) They are from London, Ont.
This isn’t a good thing, or a bad thing....just kind of expressing once again how unoriginal this sound and lyrics are.

You can listen to The Independent Here

Wolfmother: New Moon Rising

By Captain
Staff Blogger

Although the track has been officially released for a month the album cannot come soon enough. It has been 2 full years since
Wolfmother has released an album and I have to say I cannot wait after listening to this. Its nothing surprising, rehashed classic rock for the new age, but at the same time its not dialed in. This song is catchy as fuck with a killer hook and a turn your knob to 11 quality. Andrew Stockdale's howl makes me want to rip off my underwear and throw it at my speakers. The bass line is sexy as hell and the drums get the shit beat out of them. There's even a cool little breakdown in the middle so you can take a break from jumping around and getting punched in the ribs in the mosh pit. As much as Wolfmother can be ripped on as being a rehash, I have gained more respect for them based on this song alone. I eagerly await their album Cosmic egg which drops Oct 27.

Check out the song here

Friday, September 25, 2009

The Decade Of Sleep: Pushing Daisy

By Cpt. Pownzor
The Foz
Larry The Snowman
Staff Bloggers

Cpt Pownzor:

"The song is polished pretty well but seems to take itself too seriously. The band kind of reminds me of live or collective soul. In my mind if the rest of their material sounds like this, they aren't going to get much further than your local pub. Its just too simple and too overdone. They kind of remind me of what you would picture your "dad's friends band". Pretty tight as a band, production quality is meh. I just don't see things happening for this band."


" Picture if the Goo Goo dolls were in a train and it ran into Tool, the resounding sound would be this band. They show the first symptom of aids, getting fucked in the ass, and I feel as if I have been too by their music. The only reason I am listening to this is because I am in the room. I would never purchase or download this track. "

The Foz:

"Too poorly mixed for me. I do like the vocals but I don't see much range or room for this band to advance. They may be able to have success if they remixed the instrumental track. Better luck next time."

You can listen to The decade of sleep on their myspace

Foo Fighters: Wheels

By Captain Pownzor
Staff Blogger

So the Foo Fighters have decided to release two new tracks on their upcoming greatest hits album. The first one "Wheels" has leaked all over the
godamn internet. Our staff is all really big Foo fans, so of course we were all nursing raging semis for the new songs. I have to say I nearly wept for this song. Early Foo fighters are dead and I still had some hope for them to release a few more good grungy loud songs. I have lost that hope after hearing wheels. This song stinks of country and is poppy as hell. I thought the point of releasing a couple more songs on a greatest hits album was to entice me to buy everything I already have again, with the reward of two new great songs and a killer mix of the oldies? This has pretty much cemented that I will not purchase this album and I don't even know if I will add this song to my library. I think what I may do instead is forget about this song and start praying for the Foo Fighters. Not that I really need to, I am sure this will suit the music tastes of today. In fact I can grantee it will get a shiton of radio play and lots and lots of people will like it. A lot of die hard Foo Fighters fans however will be facepalming this track and similtaniously thinking "Take me back to the 90's."

Give it a Listen on the youtube

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Trifonic: Sooner Or later

By Cpt. Pownzor
Staff Blogger

This song is kind of old but its still in heavy rotation in my Ipod so I thought I’d showboat it on the blog for the lulz. I don’t know if too many have heard of Trifonic before but fans of Imogen Heap would be sure to like them. Cool and sexy female voice coupled with some intelligent electro driven rock. Really nice chill out music. This song especially. Although it does not have terribly complex lyrics the song in itself has a really neat feel to it and although it is not for everyone has a real stick in your head quality about it. Its almost got some soul elements in the vocal styling but with a driven drumbeat and bass line out of a rock song. Really unique band, a song worth checking out for sure.

Check out the song here

Death Cab For Cutie: Meet Me On The Equinox

By Joe Noob

Staff Blogger

I’m disappointed.
This isn’t the first time DCFC has disappointed me. I spent the majority of my youth as an emo in rebellion against these heart-felt guitar strummers from Washington. Of course, I was ignorant and didn’t really listen to anything but Bright Eyes and Johnny Cash. That was until one brave man introduced me to Ben Gibbard. Choir Vandals spoke to me. When I found out that Ben was the brainchild behind DCFC I took my stubborn hat off and listened to them with an open mind. Since that moment, I haven’t been disappointed by them, until now.
Meet Me On The Equinox is as disappointing as the film it will be in is bound to be. Thought, I suppose New Moon is the perfect comparison to this song. There isn’t anything out rightly awful about the song, it is sufficient, I suppose. Much like the Twilight Series. Looking to kill some time with mindless crap? Read about some sweet sweet Vampire love, or listen to some mindless pop rock.
I think the saddest part about this song is it’s chart topping potential is only as beefy as its role in the film. If DCFC plays while Edward strolls across the screen, every 14 year old girl in North America will be rushing to download it, assuming they don’t already have it...

Check out the song here

Scott Fuller: The Blinding light within your eyes.

By: Cpt Pownzor
Staff Blogger

This really does have a Bowie like quality to it, although the synth sounds a little cheezy this has got some real potential. It has a slow and melodic quality about it. I feel like there could be more from the orchestral bits that are added towards the end. The buildup in the song is done rather well but then its just blown on the poor production quality. The singer is very much in to what he is doing and there is a lot of emotion conveyed in the song. It has potential but it needs some polishing before Id consider putting it in my library.

Check out Scott Fuller’s Myspace

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Midnight Juggernauts: This New Techonology

By: The Foz
Staff Blogger

So I was given the task of reviewing this track. So I gave it a listen, then another and finally one more. At first I did not enjoy the song at all. Then after listen 3 I really enjoyed the beginning it is a powerful intro to the song. There seems to be an organ and synthesizer that really drive the song. My feeling of this song is it starts off strong and starts to lose it on the way out. Its not that it slows down to much as I say in earlier posts I love a slow methodical song. It just loses the edge and awesomeness that it had at the beginning by about the 3 minute mark. The lyrics are by no means overly amazing and the vocals are clearly not supposed to be the hook of this song. I fell this is a good song and only that. Its nothing overly special and if you enjoy organs and synths together then this will be your song.

You can check out the song here

Artist Profile: Bigger and better things

By Staff Bloggers
Cpt. Pownzor & JOE NOOB

The captain looked at the song: Market The Fun I Have in Brackets.

“Well first of all this is more or less what the band told me it was…pop punk and in that order. Think any of those teeny bands you may secretly love. This pretty much fit’s the bill. Yellowcard without the violin perhaps, the louder side of dashboard confessional maybe.. Or possibly a little bit of simple plan without so much godamn emo. I know your younger sister would like this band and this song. Hell you could probably put it in her library and she wouldn’t realize it was there. The song is really only missing the droves of 14 year old girls screaming in the background. Personally not so much my thing. There’s not a lot of substance here. The track is pretty tight the band is good musically, but its nothing special just the carbon copy of the majority of tracks in the pop punk genre. If you are over 16 and not in fact packing a vagina, I doubt this song will resonate well with you."

Joe took a look at the song : The Excitement and the Drama

"I could seriously see this song/band blowing up. Though, that is not me saying I am terrible impressed with them. I’m just saying, if you are going to listen to Panic! At the Disco, or any other band of that variety, you might as well listen to Bigger and Better Things.
The title of the song echoes the high school-esque melodrama that plays out in their lyrics. This is a bad thing when I look at it from an adult point-of-view, but alas, I am not the target audience and I respect this.
Would I pay money for this song in any way shape or form? No.
Would a lot of people I know? Yes."

Check out bigger and better things myspace.

Album Review: Daisy By Brand new

Staff Blogger

The New York alternative band Brand New came out with their second record with a major label, Daisy.
There is no arguing that Daisy is loud. Though there is some disagreement amongst the Captain and the Noob staff on whether it is louder than their previous effort, The Devil and God Are Raging Inside of Me. I have to say that it is not as loud and notable less shocking. The Devil and God would rage into fits of guitar effects and loud screaming. Daisy uses this quiet effectively, I would even say more effectively. The difference between the albums being, Daisy, for the most part, slow plays the songs into fits and usually there is warning static or a quiet rumbling letting the listener know they need to turn their speakers down or risk permanent ear damage.
With each of Brand New’s albums, they have had a different sound, progressing at a high rate of evolution for any rock band. On their first two releases (Your Favourite Weapon, Deja Entendu) their themes stayed true while their sound changed, becoming less fast guitars and screaming vocals to slower instrumentals with calm sad vocals. Some fans may have been alienated by the three year gap between Deja and The Devil and God and some (even more) may have been alienated by the vast change in sound on Devil and God, where Brand New kept their themes of a troubled life, but added pounding guitars, angry drums and dirty bass all alongside a mix of the quiet sad vocals of Deja and a new found anger.
Personally, I found the change refreshing. In those three years between the albums, I changed from emo high school kid to a fresh faced adult who still though things in life were fucked, but wasn’t about to cry about it. Lead singer and song writer, Jesse Lacey, seemed to echo those thoughts on Devil and God.
After another three years later and another change in sound, we have Daisy.
Brand New has finally found the mix I think they have been searching for in the past eight years. Loud and fast mixed flawlessly with quiet and slow. Angry and sad. Happy and distort. Each song seems to be at war with itself, but as the saying goes, “mankind is closest to peace when we are at war.”
Though there are thousands of other songs on my iPod, I have been listening to Daisy on loop for the past few days.
If you are a fan of lyrics, I defiantly recommend checking out any of Brand New’s albums, especially The Devil and God and Daisy.

Sample Lyrics:

“Well, Jesus Christ, I’m alone again
So what did you do those three days you were dead?
Because this problem's gonna last
More than the weekend.”
- Jesus Christ (The Devil and God)

“Well I wish that I was as good as you
Caring and trusting
And I wish that my condition was new but I'm old and rusting
So we just hurry up only to wait
Add to the list of all the places we hate
And I pretend like I got something to say
But I've got nothing.”
- You Stole (Daisy)

Check out You Stole And a few other songs:


Kite Operations: Effervescence

Captain Pownzor pulls from the myspace file again and grabs some gold.

Cpt. Pownzor:

“This song is from a few years ago but has a really excellent jam feel to it. The loud/soft dynamic is pretty chub worthy as well. Vocals are quiet and reserved which could very well suggest a band geek anthem. All and all though this song which runs short 2:53 leaves you wanting so much more. The buildup alone makes for a great song. The band itself has kind of a deer hunter quality to it, just without quite the same level of weirdness going on. If you’re a fan of anything Bradford Cox give this one a look see, you wont be disappointed.”

Check out Effervescence on the myspace

Centro-Matic: I the Kite

Cool myspace band from the pownzor

The Captain:

“Centro-Matic is a pretty awesome band that I discovered through myspace a few years ago. On their latest album they do not disappoint. The sound is roughly the same but damn they’ve still got it. I especially like the song “I the kite” Their sound is pretty neat, this song especially has a good time feel to it but the lyics are far from a poppy feel good song. I would recommend this band although they arent terribly well known they have a unique sound and fit in well with the indie giants of today.”

Centro-matic's Myspace

Overspill poets: The Neon Lights They Are Beautiful

Another review for our myspace friend's song

Captain Pownzor:

“ This song is alright. Not really what I would normally listen to to be fair, but it kind of reminds me of a rockier Gordon Lightfoot. Overspill Poets would be an excellent bar band and would have people raising pints to their nifty licks. Judging by the fact that it is a band of brits though I can well imagine they could drink just about any of their fans under the table. They are sort of unclassifiable, if I had to list a genre for them id say, country rock with folk elements some alternative riffage and poppy vocals. Really really hard to classify this band, which is good it makes the band and the song really unique. Again its not really something I personally would listen to but hey this song could fit seamlessly on a radio station that plays early Bare-naked Ladies, Hootie and The Blowfish or even Great Big Sea. I may not like it but I am pretty damn sure my mom would rock out hard to it.”

You can check out this song and more from this band on their myspace

Speed Of Sound: 13 Days

Captain pownzor here and I checked out a band that just added us on myspace called Speed of Sound.

Captain Pownzor:

“My first thoughts were, the vocals are pretty weak in this song. I didn’t know whether it was just the unique vocal style or what, it just seemed to rub me the wrong way. If I’m brutally honest it kind of sounds like Trey Parker from south park doing a Bon Jovi impression (especially when he tries to go high). Pretty simple lyrics but the playing is pretty solid though. The band itself has sort of a fray, switchfoot kind of style and I think I would really enjoy them if I was more into the vocals. Maybe if you were a fan of Bon Jovi and liked piano driven rock songs this would be your thing. Literally though just by playing this In my apartment I think my roommate has questioned my sexual orientation and taste in music in one fell swoop. I could see this band doing well at a concert surrounded by ravounous cougars looking to tear apart the lead singer that sounds like hes from an 80s hairband. In fact the title of their next song could very well be: "Gregs mom gave me a rimjob". I think I would appreciate them more for it. As you can probably tell I have to veto this sadly, maybe some of the other songs from the band are more promising, this one is just not for me.”

You can check out this song and more on the bands myspace

The Decemberists: On the Bus Mall

DA FOZ on the Decemberists..


"Well frankly I enjoy the Decemberists and unfortunately I do not enjoy their latest release, The Hazards of Love. On the other hand Picaresque, one of their older releases, is probably one of the better album in recent memory. This album has this unique sound lead by the always cool lead vocals of Colin Meloy who’s voice is unique and brings something new to every song they make. On the Bus Mall is what I would call a typical Decemberists cut its slow, long and full of meaning. I will say it right now if you do not like slow drawn out songs GTFO this will not be your song. If you want a great tale about 2 people, presumably runaways, managing to make a living on very little. My favorite line has to be “And we laughed off the quick tricks--the old men with limp dicks” I could not tell you why I like this line other then it just sounds dam cool. It has been said there is a type of song called “The Nick Song”, my friends decided I like one particular type of song, typically it is slow with very little wavering from that slow pace and has an excellent intro. I would classify this song as a “The Nick Song” it fits that definition and is just kick ass."

Listen to: On The Bus Mall

Arkells : No Champagne Socialist

The Foz is talkin bout the arkells. Great group that gets overplayed to shit on our local radio. You probably know them for the boss is comming or the ballad of hugo chavez.

The Foz:

"So I can assume most people in Southwestern Ontario have at least heard of the Arkells, and most of you will know they have been tearing up the local music scene this summer. I would like to present you with a song and I would say this is the best off the album and that is No Champagne Socialist. This song starts with an amazing guitar and then is joined by the ever-impressive harmonica! Almost any song with a harmonica in my books has got it going on. Then we get into a slow somewhat politically charged song about change. Tied this all in with a young man growing up and becoming independent we have a song that should relate to most people age. I probably like this song so much as I am in a very similar situation well excluding the Jewish family part. It’s a simple song with a great message, great vocals and a great deal of harmonica! If you have listened past the radio singles give the rest of the album a chance, its solid.

Oh yah a shameless shout for their upcoming tour. The Arkells will be going on their first headlining tour of Canada so check out their website and find a show to go to it will not disappoint!"

Listen to:
No champagne Socialist

Joel Plaskett: Rollin’, Rollin’,Rollin’

The Foz returns again with some srs reviewing..The captain and Noob are wrapped up pretty solid with Nhl 10 and Halo ODST..Pownzor promises another myspace review by the end of the not sweat it my lovelys...anyway heres what the foz has to say about Joel Plaskets song Rollin' Rollin'Rollin'.

The Foz:

"Well I can not lie I love me a good folk song, and Rollin’, Rollin’,Rollin’ is that folk song I love at the moment. This song comes from Joel Plaskett’s latest release Three, and as the name states everything is done on threes on the album including how many CDS where released. Look at the title Rollin’, Rollin’,Rollin’ same word three times, and this quirky thing is something I have come to expect from Joel. First off this track shows me one thing, the range that Joel has with voice and musical style is amazing! You look at previous tracks like Snowed In/Cruising and compare it to this and they are completely different. Second thing I love about this song are the ever-interesting lyrics that Joel creates. It is always enjoyable to listen to a Joel Plaskett song and try and figure it out knowing full well Joel’s idea of what the song should be and what your meaning will be completely different. He is a lyrically genius that is not appreciated by many so I suggest you take a listen to Joel Plaskett who knows how to write a kick ass song."

Listen to: Rollin' Rollin' Rollin' ...(did he mention Joel Plaskett is fucking awesome live?)

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Knock Knock Ginger: Virgina Black

The Foz returns! And he's gonna tell us about a band from his native land called Knock Knock Ginger.

The Foz:

"If for some crazy reason you start to follow my posts you will notice I mention concerts a lot, and this is where a song can go from good to great in my mind. Yet again this song comes from a concert. A small 50 person show I was at about a month ago. The band is from Waterloo and consists of the basic guitar, bass, drums and the not so normal keys and trumpet. The other awesome part of this band is the backing female vocals. Virgina Black is one of their slower songs but has more of the female vocals, which I enjoy a lot. Also the lead singer has a very unique voice I have never been able to classify. It is truly unique and makes for an amazingly unique sound. Overall this 5-some can rock live and has great recordings."

If you from the KW region check them out:

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Bonerworthy Oldie: Bauhaus: Bela Lugosi's Dead

Hey there Pownzor here. I was catching up on the show "fringe" quite recently only to discover one of my favorite songs of all time is in the introduction to an episode!

"Bauhaus is one of those bands that paved the way for the modern industiral/goth scene. They have pretty much been around for fucking ever. This song although it is very simple has a really haunting appeal to it. My dad used to play this in our house for god sakes. Omonus drums some and some trippy echo effects, people would have probably lost their shit to this song back when it came out in 1979. Its just pure simple and cutting edge for its time period. Some might have even said Bauhaus was ahead of its time.Countless bands today like nine inch nails and marylin manson can trace their roots back to some of this material. Bauhaus has some other material that is worth checking out as well, they do a pretty bitchin' cover of David Bowie's ziggy stardust in fact, and the song dark entities is a solid hit from them as well. I would suggest though if you want something that is a little bit different to check out Boys. Its just a good ol raunchy goth rock song."

If you feel like checking out Bauhaus's : Bela Lugosi's Dead

Track Review: Remove Silence: Fade

Myspace track review by the pownzor. This band put a video up on our myspace so I said HEY why not write a lil sum sum.

Captain Pownzor:

“First of all before I even begin this review. What a godamn epic mustache Hugo Mariutti rocks. I have to like this band just based on that. The song isn’t bad either. Has almost an INXS feel to it. Keyboards are solid and there’s even a trumpet part with ominous bells and synth. Really well put together song with some decent harmonies. The video is pretty budget but hey music videos are overated anyway. What kind of scares me though is the lines “The bells are calling for his suicide” this part is kind of delivered like wanna be Metallica. If you’re a wanna be Metallica and you come out sounding like INXS yeah yerdoinitwrong.”

Check out Their song Fade Here

Artist Profile:Carcery's Vale

We both checked out a couple of songs from this LOUUUUD band on myspace..Hurrah for myspace whoring!

Pownzor checked out the track "Eyes of desire":

“LOUD LOUD LOUD. Well this is certainly fucking metal I suppose. This is so mind numbingly loud you may just get a noise complaint by playing it. Theres a really fucking cool breakdown in the middle that has been done a million times by a million other bands…you know the part where the guitar and bass are all like “bababa beww” with some guy all “growwwllllll“….yeah you know what I’m talking about. Ok so I get it loud is loud. You could head bang your fucking eyeballs out to this and the singers voice is pretty good too. Id like to see more in the way of guitars though no real nice shredding takes place here. If your looking to piss off your parents or fit in with the local metal kids throw this on your ipod, just don’t expect anything out of the ordinary.”

Joe noob looked into their track "Not Featuring Lil Wayne":

"Can I be honest for a moment? Of course I can, my name is on the website! I could not understand a word they were saying in this song. That being said, they sure sounded like they were having a lot of fun and the song’s name seems to echo that same sentiment. This genre of music is one I dabble very little in, so forgive me if you are outright offended by by my comparisons, but it sounds like Cradle of Filth, or at least, it sounds like they want to sound like Cradle of Filth. But you can actually understand what Danny is saying from time to time. That said, the vocals seem more like The Blood Brothers. Either way, this band is loud and well, cliché. Metal is metal is metal, and Carcerys Vale is metal. There is nothing wrong with it, but nothing but nothing too exciting about it."

You can check out these tracks and more on the bands myspace.

Label Profile: Blueberry Hill Records

Myspace request again! We love our myspace friends! We wanted to check out who was on this label so The noobster and I each picked a track and gave it our two cents.

Artist:Javier Delgado
Track: Information Kid

"I almost want to classify Information Kid as a crossover country song. I haven’t heard anything else by Javier Delgado to call him more of a country singer, but this one song defiantly has the ringing of it. I am sure 14 year-old girls clamour for Delgado’s every note and I can see why. The guitar is melodic and simple. His voice has an honest tone to it that might be lost if the song wasn’t strip stripped down acoustic. Delgado’s album “An Ominous Sun” is out in October and I am looking forward to seeing if Information Kid’s catchy, sad, emo kid soul lives in the rest of his music."

Artist: The Broken Wings
Track: Dead Red Words

"“Some nice acoustic diddying..this sounds rough I’m pretty sure its on purpose though. Seems repetitive and draggy in places. But damn what a cool voice. Its pretty much like Mick Jagger had sex with Connor Oburst. I could see this playing in a coffee shop and I would not protest. The reason however I wouldn’t protest is because it would just sort of fade into some repetitive background music. I would have to hear some other material to make a judgment on the band itself. I really hope for their sake there is more variety than a rough cut one riff song. The song has got some attitude though seems really “loosey goosy I don’t give a fuck“. I would even go as far as to say they were a little bit fucked up when it was recorded. Honestly though that adds to the charm.”

you can check out more blueberry hill records songs on their myspace

Artist Profile: Madeline Speak

This one comes by way of myspace request. If you want to get a hold of us on myspace our page is, alternately we have a twitter going too so if you want to contact us with a review request, or let us know about your band we are at

The captain took a look at the song achin’:

“ This song kind of reminds me of the band black lab although I am thinking that is a vocal similarity. Song has a really solid bass line and some sweet little sound bites thrown in. The ticking clock part was especially cool. Tends to be a little slow in places and could use some more bite. They even sort of attempt some Alice in Chains style harmonies, I could see them getting picked up and generating some decent buzz if they continue to produce more material like this. Think of this song as something for your typical 3 days grace lover. Slow, chunky and badass sounding so you can bob your head and look tough in the high school hallway. This is both the soundtrack to a good ass kicking and maybe a slow jam you could have angry sex to.”

Joe took on Sing out:

"Did these guys start out by covering A Perfect Circle? It sure sounds like it on Sing Out.
What is that I hear? Is that a mandolin? If I’ve learned anything from Disband, it is that the audience should be able to sing along with your chorus by the second time they hear can defiantly sing along to “sing out sing out sing out sing out sing out,” whether you would want to or not is a different story. Sing Out is a really good song, but after listening to their six-song MySpace set, I found myself getting lost as to when one song ended and another began. Not to discredit the band. I’ll be singing out to Madeline Speak at some point again."

You can check both these tracks out on the bands myspace

U2 : Unknown Caller

Before we get into this review id like to introduce a new member of our blog......(suspense) THE FOZ! He will be writing the odd review with us as well. Hes a cool guy and doesn't afraid of anything. Here is his take on U2's the unknown caller.

The Foz:

"I fell in love with this song 3 nights ago as I was standing 30 feet from Bono at the Rogers Center. This song is not like one of their greats from the past like Sunday Bloody Sunday or One, but it has some really appealing parts to it. The best being the stupid lyrics that fill this new piece of crap album like “You know your name so punch it in/Hear me, cease to speak that I may speak” Like WTF take a look at the rest of the lyrics there is no flow and they are just random. The best part of the song is the Edge’s Guitar Solo or Bono’s “Oh Ohhhhh” these always have and always will be U2’s strengths. Yet Bono and the boys have created a song that has been stuck in my head since the first day I heard it at the Rogers Center so give it a chance you might be surprised."

Watch the live video..The foz didnt take it and its not from the same concert but thats ok.

New music

Hey all just the captain again. If you want us to review tracks, yours, your friends or some of your favorite music just drop us a line at, thanks for reading! Hold onto your genitalia more reviews to come.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Noah and The Whale: 5 Years Time

DA noob:

"I feel happy. Not terribly impressed, but happy. I’ve only ever heard of Noah and the Whale, never listened to them, but I’ll be downloading this song for those long bus rides in the gleaming sunlight. It’s something light and fluffy to smile and bob my head to and then forget."

Le pownzor:

"Whistling intro! Well if this isn’t something Michael Cera would be railing his girlfriend to I don’t know what is. Female vocal backing tracks and a toy guitar sound! This is a nice bubbly song. Good for a Viagra commercial or maybe one of those feel good moments on greys anatomy. This could really brighten up a day I'd say, and its just too damn cheerful to hate. I will be watching this band to see what sort of other material they’ve got and hopefully they’ve got more sunshine to spread."

Fake blood: I think I like it

hohoho ze captain:

"Well I’m all for trippy goth techno, and I fancy myself to liking some pretty fucked up songs. But godamn, you have to be on some sort of trip to really enjoy this one and even still if you were on anything the least bit hallucinatory the loud soundbites and primal drums would probably make you rip your own eyes out of their sockets and shit on them. Yes this song really is that bad. Its like someone found an epileptic, put on a drum loop threw a bunch of synth pads on the floor and then strobe lighted that poor bastard to death."

har de har da noob:

"Excuse the easy out, but I know I don’t like it. Fake Blood is full of fake talent, I think I like it is full of random sound effects which start out interesting and even draw you in. But before you know it, the song has hit the two minute mark and you realize you are listening to Optimus Prime transform from car to autobot over and over and over and over and over. The song has an epic break down,but ends up letting you down again with a too typical to even be cliché voice over saying “close your eyes.” I am sure if I was high I would be riding a different wave, but I’m not, so I feel as if I am drowning in the noise."

Kid Cudi G.O.O.D. Music the Soundtrack 2 My Life

The Captain:

"This is not a terrible song. The unfortunate part is I don’t listen to a lot of hip hop. The little kid cudi I have heard I’ve liked. Day and night is a pretty sweet song and this one shows a nice contrast with it. In fact I would even have to say I’d download the album if the rest of the material were of this quality. The thing is though, this is really poppy and that’s why I like it. This would suggest to me this song is going to be something your going to hear played, remixed and then played again sometime soon at every club you decide to shake your ass in. The ironic part about this is while you are in fact shaking your ass to the “fresh“ beats kudi is rapping about some pretty emotional stuff. “I've got some issues that nobody can see, And all of these emotions are pouring out of me, I bring them to the light for you, It's only right, this is.” Anyone that likes even the least bit of underground hip hop will probably hate this track and to be fair everyone else will too in a few months when we are screaming for it to get the fuck off our radio after the 18th play of the day."

The Noob:
"How come I can picture half dressed drunken freshmen rubbing up against each other in a dark crowded club, Kid Cudi booming over the speakers? Maybe it’s because the beat lends itself to mindless head bobbing and or booty shaking. Or maybe it’s because a lot of people don’t like to stop and listen to the lyrics of their favourite songs. They’ll all be singing “this is the soundtrack to my life,"thinking they know what Cudi is talking about and maybe they do. I doubt it though.
A plus effort for trying to say something and sound...what are the kids saying these days...fresh?"

Listen Here

Joe Noobs bar thought

Went to bar to shake my ass to Kid's country im waiting for the inevitable Taylor Swift vs Kayne West joke...

Track Review: Vampire weekend: Ottoman

Cpt Pownzor:

"Not a bad effort, generally the majority of vampire weekend is completely lost on me. This song is tolerable but admittedly is the audile masturbation tool of your average 14 year old girl. The lead singer is in fact really dreamy which can only help with the appeal of the band. This track has the typical new age, electro pop feel with the incorporation of some classical strings in places. The track is more a filler I would say, too average to get stuck in your head and easily blends into any of the new music in your library."

Joe Noob:

"Did they just say she “twits like a teenager?”
They did! I’m not sure if this makes me face palm the song, or applaud even harder for the catchy bops and bings that make up the bulk of the instrumentals of Ottoman. One thing I know for sure, the violin draws my interest enough for me to ignore the fact that I am ashamed I am listening to Vampire Weekend and probably will continue to do so after hearing this song."

Listen here

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