Thursday, September 9, 2010

Jimmy Eat World- My Best Theory

1/5 people not disappointed by the direction JEW has taken

By Captain Pownzor
Staff Blogger

So I was tickled pink the other day when I heard that Jimmy eat world was to be releasing a new album within the coming weeks. Oh how i rejoiced, after hearing their live album of clarity I was craving some new Jimmy Eat World.
But then I realized, the past few albums have been getting progressively worse. After hearing My Best theory I have come to the assumption that the new album
invented will be the greatest pop laden shit-disk of them all.
I mean come on now the whole of My best theory sounds like they ripped all chord progression off of a Linkin Park song. I am waiting for someone to come in screaming and for me to just change the song saying shit this is too metal. No it doesn't pickup, yes its rehashed material from a few years ago. Jimmy eat world should probably just quit whilst ahead. Do a clarity tour and stop fiddlefucking around trying to find a popular music sound that will identify with today's youth. Your old, stick to the shit you wrote when it meant something to you.

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