Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Zsammy: W

4/5 Tissues used during this emotional masterpiece.

By Captain Pownzor
Staff Blogger

I’m going to start out my first review of 2010 with a plea for Zsammy to continue on with the be let down solo project. Having explored the website and checked out some of the other tracks I’ve got to say that there is some really enjoyable tunes from this Pittsburgh native.
W is a haunting acoustic ballad that sounds like its missing from the new moon soundtrack. Not to mean this as an insult either that album was filled with some surprisingly good tracks.
The guitar track sounds a bit like Espers, with some almost spooky harmonies. If your in a mood for some emo acoustic you should certainly throw on W. Something about the desperate lonely nature of the song style just captures the emotion in the lyrics.

Perfect for the emo kid in all of us you can check out Zsammy or download his tracks on his website, or
myspace page

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