Monday, November 22, 2010

Album Review: Atlas Air EP, Massive Attack


By Captain Pownzor

Massive attack recently released a short Ep for War Child featuring remixes of the final track from Heligoland as well as a remix of a new track called Redlight. I decided to give it a listen. With Heligoland being featured on major shows like Hbo’s Trueblood and the success the band has had with songs like Teardrop and Angel, I wanted to see what these new remixes would be like as well as get an inkling of the future material.
The remixes aren’t bad overall. Tastefully done and not over sampling or taking away from the song. Ive got to say this the whole of the mix is bass heavy but not a bottom out your speakers heavy. It’s a really clear sounding thump, good for a nice night cruise to set the mood. Your subs will get a good workout. Jneiro Jarel’s Lavender Remix of Atlas Air is smooth as glass whereas the Goldworthy Remix is more of a slow build to a club thumper.

As for the new track Redlight, well I am certainly interested to hear this one when the new feature length album comes out. The Clark Remix of Redlight offers up a few short samples of the song’s dreamy vocals with an ongoing and very catchy melody. If it is any indication Massive Attack is holding onto some fantastic stuff for their next full length album.

As a whole for this EP, there really isn’t a massive change going on. The remixes just kind of fit up to Heligoland and blend with it. A great remix can overshadow the original. Although these are interesting takes on Atlas Air, they are so slight in their differences to the original its just not enough to make me want to recommend it.


  1. You've got the perfect blog... I'm a music buff myself. I can't wait to see some more reviews. Can't stand the stuff in the top 200 on iTunes.

  2. sounds interesting, will cehck then out

  3. I agree with you, not that strong of a release

  4. i love massive attack. saw them play with theivory corp


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