Saturday, September 19, 2009

Artist Profile: Madeline Speak

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The captain took a look at the song achin’:

“ This song kind of reminds me of the band black lab although I am thinking that is a vocal similarity. Song has a really solid bass line and some sweet little sound bites thrown in. The ticking clock part was especially cool. Tends to be a little slow in places and could use some more bite. They even sort of attempt some Alice in Chains style harmonies, I could see them getting picked up and generating some decent buzz if they continue to produce more material like this. Think of this song as something for your typical 3 days grace lover. Slow, chunky and badass sounding so you can bob your head and look tough in the high school hallway. This is both the soundtrack to a good ass kicking and maybe a slow jam you could have angry sex to.”

Joe took on Sing out:

"Did these guys start out by covering A Perfect Circle? It sure sounds like it on Sing Out.
What is that I hear? Is that a mandolin? If I’ve learned anything from Disband, it is that the audience should be able to sing along with your chorus by the second time they hear can defiantly sing along to “sing out sing out sing out sing out sing out,” whether you would want to or not is a different story. Sing Out is a really good song, but after listening to their six-song MySpace set, I found myself getting lost as to when one song ended and another began. Not to discredit the band. I’ll be singing out to Madeline Speak at some point again."

You can check both these tracks out on the bands myspace

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