Saturday, September 19, 2009

Label Profile: Blueberry Hill Records

Myspace request again! We love our myspace friends! We wanted to check out who was on this label so The noobster and I each picked a track and gave it our two cents.

Artist:Javier Delgado
Track: Information Kid

"I almost want to classify Information Kid as a crossover country song. I haven’t heard anything else by Javier Delgado to call him more of a country singer, but this one song defiantly has the ringing of it. I am sure 14 year-old girls clamour for Delgado’s every note and I can see why. The guitar is melodic and simple. His voice has an honest tone to it that might be lost if the song wasn’t strip stripped down acoustic. Delgado’s album “An Ominous Sun” is out in October and I am looking forward to seeing if Information Kid’s catchy, sad, emo kid soul lives in the rest of his music."

Artist: The Broken Wings
Track: Dead Red Words

"“Some nice acoustic diddying..this sounds rough I’m pretty sure its on purpose though. Seems repetitive and draggy in places. But damn what a cool voice. Its pretty much like Mick Jagger had sex with Connor Oburst. I could see this playing in a coffee shop and I would not protest. The reason however I wouldn’t protest is because it would just sort of fade into some repetitive background music. I would have to hear some other material to make a judgment on the band itself. I really hope for their sake there is more variety than a rough cut one riff song. The song has got some attitude though seems really “loosey goosy I don’t give a fuck“. I would even go as far as to say they were a little bit fucked up when it was recorded. Honestly though that adds to the charm.”

you can check out more blueberry hill records songs on their myspace

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