Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Album Review: Daisy By Brand new

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The New York alternative band Brand New came out with their second record with a major label, Daisy.
There is no arguing that Daisy is loud. Though there is some disagreement amongst the Captain and the Noob staff on whether it is louder than their previous effort, The Devil and God Are Raging Inside of Me. I have to say that it is not as loud and notable less shocking. The Devil and God would rage into fits of guitar effects and loud screaming. Daisy uses this quiet effectively, I would even say more effectively. The difference between the albums being, Daisy, for the most part, slow plays the songs into fits and usually there is warning static or a quiet rumbling letting the listener know they need to turn their speakers down or risk permanent ear damage.
With each of Brand New’s albums, they have had a different sound, progressing at a high rate of evolution for any rock band. On their first two releases (Your Favourite Weapon, Deja Entendu) their themes stayed true while their sound changed, becoming less fast guitars and screaming vocals to slower instrumentals with calm sad vocals. Some fans may have been alienated by the three year gap between Deja and The Devil and God and some (even more) may have been alienated by the vast change in sound on Devil and God, where Brand New kept their themes of a troubled life, but added pounding guitars, angry drums and dirty bass all alongside a mix of the quiet sad vocals of Deja and a new found anger.
Personally, I found the change refreshing. In those three years between the albums, I changed from emo high school kid to a fresh faced adult who still though things in life were fucked, but wasn’t about to cry about it. Lead singer and song writer, Jesse Lacey, seemed to echo those thoughts on Devil and God.
After another three years later and another change in sound, we have Daisy.
Brand New has finally found the mix I think they have been searching for in the past eight years. Loud and fast mixed flawlessly with quiet and slow. Angry and sad. Happy and distort. Each song seems to be at war with itself, but as the saying goes, “mankind is closest to peace when we are at war.”
Though there are thousands of other songs on my iPod, I have been listening to Daisy on loop for the past few days.
If you are a fan of lyrics, I defiantly recommend checking out any of Brand New’s albums, especially The Devil and God and Daisy.

Sample Lyrics:

“Well, Jesus Christ, I’m alone again
So what did you do those three days you were dead?
Because this problem's gonna last
More than the weekend.”
- Jesus Christ (The Devil and God)

“Well I wish that I was as good as you
Caring and trusting
And I wish that my condition was new but I'm old and rusting
So we just hurry up only to wait
Add to the list of all the places we hate
And I pretend like I got something to say
But I've got nothing.”
- You Stole (Daisy)

Check out You Stole And a few other songs:


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