Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Artist Profile: Bigger and better things

By Staff Bloggers
Cpt. Pownzor & JOE NOOB

The captain looked at the song: Market The Fun I Have in Brackets.

“Well first of all this is more or less what the band told me it was…pop punk and in that order. Think any of those teeny bands you may secretly love. This pretty much fit’s the bill. Yellowcard without the violin perhaps, the louder side of dashboard confessional maybe.. Or possibly a little bit of simple plan without so much godamn emo. I know your younger sister would like this band and this song. Hell you could probably put it in her library and she wouldn’t realize it was there. The song is really only missing the droves of 14 year old girls screaming in the background. Personally not so much my thing. There’s not a lot of substance here. The track is pretty tight the band is good musically, but its nothing special just the carbon copy of the majority of tracks in the pop punk genre. If you are over 16 and not in fact packing a vagina, I doubt this song will resonate well with you."

Joe took a look at the song : The Excitement and the Drama

"I could seriously see this song/band blowing up. Though, that is not me saying I am terrible impressed with them. I’m just saying, if you are going to listen to Panic! At the Disco, or any other band of that variety, you might as well listen to Bigger and Better Things.
The title of the song echoes the high school-esque melodrama that plays out in their lyrics. This is a bad thing when I look at it from an adult point-of-view, but alas, I am not the target audience and I respect this.
Would I pay money for this song in any way shape or form? No.
Would a lot of people I know? Yes."

Check out bigger and better things myspace.

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