Monday, September 28, 2009

Cinematic Orchestra (Feat Patrick Watson) : To Build A Home

By Captain Pownzor
Staff Blogger

I know that this has been out a while but no matter. I just recently stumbled across a live performance of this beautiful song. The song was first featured on Grey's Anatomy (lets not judge now). Although he may not be terribly recognizable Patrick Watson is a Canadian musician and hes been at it for years. A brief synopsis of Patrick through my eyes would be his breakthrough album "Close to Paradise" (song Drifters) was ok, his work with cinematic orchestra was staggering, and his new album Wooden Bones I have yet to really get into fully. I don't know if its just all same old same old or whether it is something that will grow on me, it will take some more listens before I can base an opinion on it. To build a home however, gives me chills, especially in the live performance. The unique vocals and the orchestra make for a really moving piece. If you are a hopeless romantic or even the least bit sensitive at heart give this track a listen and I dare you not to call that special someone.

Check out the performance here

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