Monday, September 28, 2009

Lost Innocence: Survival Of The Fittest

By Cpt. Pownzor
Staff Blogger

This band just hasn't got enough balls for me sadly. The song is some ode to blink 182 with other bands like the Atari's sound thrown in at random. If you are expecting something new do not hold your breath. The guitar track is painfully overpowering the rest of the mix, but the recording is done well overall. Simple lyrical style with decent vocals, its nothing to raise an eyebrow over though. The band sounds like it would be very tight at a live show. I can only hope they would lead by attack attack's example and show off some sweet crabcore moves to keep me interested. Lost Innocence has to take a cue from their own song title and read the rest of Charlie Darwin's book. Its time to evolve. If this band could get some exposure, beefed up their sound and made better mix of this song I could see them being taken up by some die hard pop punk fans. Notice how I say POP PUNK, this band is no more punk than Green Day is today. This song is filler for your average 14 year old skater kid's Ipod. Although if it were on his Ipod, his friends would call him a pussy and tell him to listen to Alexisonfire.

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