Sunday, September 20, 2009

Knock Knock Ginger: Virgina Black

The Foz returns! And he's gonna tell us about a band from his native land called Knock Knock Ginger.

The Foz:

"If for some crazy reason you start to follow my posts you will notice I mention concerts a lot, and this is where a song can go from good to great in my mind. Yet again this song comes from a concert. A small 50 person show I was at about a month ago. The band is from Waterloo and consists of the basic guitar, bass, drums and the not so normal keys and trumpet. The other awesome part of this band is the backing female vocals. Virgina Black is one of their slower songs but has more of the female vocals, which I enjoy a lot. Also the lead singer has a very unique voice I have never been able to classify. It is truly unique and makes for an amazingly unique sound. Overall this 5-some can rock live and has great recordings."

If you from the KW region check them out:

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