Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Joel Plaskett: Rollin’, Rollin’,Rollin’

The Foz returns again with some srs reviewing..The captain and Noob are wrapped up pretty solid with Nhl 10 and Halo ODST..Pownzor promises another myspace review by the end of the not sweat it my lovelys...anyway heres what the foz has to say about Joel Plaskets song Rollin' Rollin'Rollin'.

The Foz:

"Well I can not lie I love me a good folk song, and Rollin’, Rollin’,Rollin’ is that folk song I love at the moment. This song comes from Joel Plaskett’s latest release Three, and as the name states everything is done on threes on the album including how many CDS where released. Look at the title Rollin’, Rollin’,Rollin’ same word three times, and this quirky thing is something I have come to expect from Joel. First off this track shows me one thing, the range that Joel has with voice and musical style is amazing! You look at previous tracks like Snowed In/Cruising and compare it to this and they are completely different. Second thing I love about this song are the ever-interesting lyrics that Joel creates. It is always enjoyable to listen to a Joel Plaskett song and try and figure it out knowing full well Joel’s idea of what the song should be and what your meaning will be completely different. He is a lyrically genius that is not appreciated by many so I suggest you take a listen to Joel Plaskett who knows how to write a kick ass song."

Listen to: Rollin' Rollin' Rollin' ...(did he mention Joel Plaskett is fucking awesome live?)

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