Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Midnight Juggernauts: This New Techonology

By: The Foz
Staff Blogger

So I was given the task of reviewing this track. So I gave it a listen, then another and finally one more. At first I did not enjoy the song at all. Then after listen 3 I really enjoyed the beginning it is a powerful intro to the song. There seems to be an organ and synthesizer that really drive the song. My feeling of this song is it starts off strong and starts to lose it on the way out. Its not that it slows down to much as I say in earlier posts I love a slow methodical song. It just loses the edge and awesomeness that it had at the beginning by about the 3 minute mark. The lyrics are by no means overly amazing and the vocals are clearly not supposed to be the hook of this song. I fell this is a good song and only that. Its nothing overly special and if you enjoy organs and synths together then this will be your song.

You can check out the song here

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