Friday, September 18, 2009

Noah and The Whale: 5 Years Time

DA noob:

"I feel happy. Not terribly impressed, but happy. I’ve only ever heard of Noah and the Whale, never listened to them, but I’ll be downloading this song for those long bus rides in the gleaming sunlight. It’s something light and fluffy to smile and bob my head to and then forget."

Le pownzor:

"Whistling intro! Well if this isn’t something Michael Cera would be railing his girlfriend to I don’t know what is. Female vocal backing tracks and a toy guitar sound! This is a nice bubbly song. Good for a Viagra commercial or maybe one of those feel good moments on greys anatomy. This could really brighten up a day I'd say, and its just too damn cheerful to hate. I will be watching this band to see what sort of other material they’ve got and hopefully they’ve got more sunshine to spread."

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