Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Sound Archives: Party At The Gallows

By Captain Pownzor
Staff Blogger

With the alarming amount of pop punk bands flooding myspace, I was pleasantly surprised by the sound archives, they are actually more rock than anything. In fact they remind me
of Fall out boy meets the Deftones. This band is by no means stale, the song Party at the Gallows takes that popular, new music sound and puts their own unique spin on it. The bass line thumps, the guitar part is layered and precise, vocals are solid. As a band they crafted this song and polished it and this really shows. The lyrics strike me as a bit poppy, its got a reeaaaaally repetitive chorus and it is definitely about a break up of some kind: "Sleep in my bed, take a walk in my shoes,smile at the crowd give them something new". It more or less reads like a high school diary. The quality of the band greatly overshadows the lyrical shortcomings. This song is hit quality for sure and I am really surprised that this band is still unsigned.

You can check out The Sound Archives on myspace

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