Saturday, September 19, 2009

Track Review: Remove Silence: Fade

Myspace track review by the pownzor. This band put a video up on our myspace so I said HEY why not write a lil sum sum.

Captain Pownzor:

“First of all before I even begin this review. What a godamn epic mustache Hugo Mariutti rocks. I have to like this band just based on that. The song isn’t bad either. Has almost an INXS feel to it. Keyboards are solid and there’s even a trumpet part with ominous bells and synth. Really well put together song with some decent harmonies. The video is pretty budget but hey music videos are overated anyway. What kind of scares me though is the lines “The bells are calling for his suicide” this part is kind of delivered like wanna be Metallica. If you’re a wanna be Metallica and you come out sounding like INXS yeah yerdoinitwrong.”

Check out Their song Fade Here

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