Saturday, September 19, 2009

Artist Profile:Carcery's Vale

We both checked out a couple of songs from this LOUUUUD band on myspace..Hurrah for myspace whoring!

Pownzor checked out the track "Eyes of desire":

“LOUD LOUD LOUD. Well this is certainly fucking metal I suppose. This is so mind numbingly loud you may just get a noise complaint by playing it. Theres a really fucking cool breakdown in the middle that has been done a million times by a million other bands…you know the part where the guitar and bass are all like “bababa beww” with some guy all “growwwllllll“….yeah you know what I’m talking about. Ok so I get it loud is loud. You could head bang your fucking eyeballs out to this and the singers voice is pretty good too. Id like to see more in the way of guitars though no real nice shredding takes place here. If your looking to piss off your parents or fit in with the local metal kids throw this on your ipod, just don’t expect anything out of the ordinary.”

Joe noob looked into their track "Not Featuring Lil Wayne":

"Can I be honest for a moment? Of course I can, my name is on the website! I could not understand a word they were saying in this song. That being said, they sure sounded like they were having a lot of fun and the song’s name seems to echo that same sentiment. This genre of music is one I dabble very little in, so forgive me if you are outright offended by by my comparisons, but it sounds like Cradle of Filth, or at least, it sounds like they want to sound like Cradle of Filth. But you can actually understand what Danny is saying from time to time. That said, the vocals seem more like The Blood Brothers. Either way, this band is loud and well, cliché. Metal is metal is metal, and Carcerys Vale is metal. There is nothing wrong with it, but nothing but nothing too exciting about it."

You can check out these tracks and more on the bands myspace.

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