Friday, September 18, 2009

Track Review: Vampire weekend: Ottoman

Cpt Pownzor:

"Not a bad effort, generally the majority of vampire weekend is completely lost on me. This song is tolerable but admittedly is the audile masturbation tool of your average 14 year old girl. The lead singer is in fact really dreamy which can only help with the appeal of the band. This track has the typical new age, electro pop feel with the incorporation of some classical strings in places. The track is more a filler I would say, too average to get stuck in your head and easily blends into any of the new music in your library."

Joe Noob:

"Did they just say she “twits like a teenager?”
They did! I’m not sure if this makes me face palm the song, or applaud even harder for the catchy bops and bings that make up the bulk of the instrumentals of Ottoman. One thing I know for sure, the violin draws my interest enough for me to ignore the fact that I am ashamed I am listening to Vampire Weekend and probably will continue to do so after hearing this song."

Listen here

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