Friday, September 25, 2009

Foo Fighters: Wheels

By Captain Pownzor
Staff Blogger

So the Foo Fighters have decided to release two new tracks on their upcoming greatest hits album. The first one "Wheels" has leaked all over the
godamn internet. Our staff is all really big Foo fans, so of course we were all nursing raging semis for the new songs. I have to say I nearly wept for this song. Early Foo fighters are dead and I still had some hope for them to release a few more good grungy loud songs. I have lost that hope after hearing wheels. This song stinks of country and is poppy as hell. I thought the point of releasing a couple more songs on a greatest hits album was to entice me to buy everything I already have again, with the reward of two new great songs and a killer mix of the oldies? This has pretty much cemented that I will not purchase this album and I don't even know if I will add this song to my library. I think what I may do instead is forget about this song and start praying for the Foo Fighters. Not that I really need to, I am sure this will suit the music tastes of today. In fact I can grantee it will get a shiton of radio play and lots and lots of people will like it. A lot of die hard Foo Fighters fans however will be facepalming this track and similtaniously thinking "Take me back to the 90's."

Give it a Listen on the youtube

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