Friday, September 25, 2009

The Decade Of Sleep: Pushing Daisy

By Cpt. Pownzor
The Foz
Larry The Snowman
Staff Bloggers

Cpt Pownzor:

"The song is polished pretty well but seems to take itself too seriously. The band kind of reminds me of live or collective soul. In my mind if the rest of their material sounds like this, they aren't going to get much further than your local pub. Its just too simple and too overdone. They kind of remind me of what you would picture your "dad's friends band". Pretty tight as a band, production quality is meh. I just don't see things happening for this band."


" Picture if the Goo Goo dolls were in a train and it ran into Tool, the resounding sound would be this band. They show the first symptom of aids, getting fucked in the ass, and I feel as if I have been too by their music. The only reason I am listening to this is because I am in the room. I would never purchase or download this track. "

The Foz:

"Too poorly mixed for me. I do like the vocals but I don't see much range or room for this band to advance. They may be able to have success if they remixed the instrumental track. Better luck next time."

You can listen to The decade of sleep on their myspace

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