Monday, October 5, 2009

Chameleon: Hey You

By Cpt Pownzor
Staff Blogger

This song started off and I thought it was a parody. It's like something that your uncle would sing shitfaced at your wedding circa 1982. Yeah that's right..chyme effects for the masses y'all. The vocals are just purely corny except for the howlie part at the end.It’s a sensitive song that has been done 1000 times. Woe is me there is suffering in the world. I'm going to wail (literally) in song. There is a string breakdown, where the artist does, in fact caw a bit like I'd imagine an albatross would. Nothing original and done poorly. Save this one for your girlfriends mixtape. The solo keyboard midi sound only detracts from the emotional nature of this song. Hey you, get a real piano, get a voice, rewrite, do it again and profit.

If you feel like a lul or some form of torture, check out the artist's profile

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