Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Dead Man's Bones: My Body's A Zombie For You

By Cpt Pownzor
Staff Blogger

Well first of all this album concept is a little weird. Take Hollywood movie star Ryan Gosling (The Notebook) add his good friend Zach Sheilds and The Silverlake Conservatory Of Music's Children's Choir. Now lets make a creepy do-wop/goth/folk album about the afterlife. That's about what happened here. The album was released yesterday and the tracks range from Arcade Fire anthems to just downright creepy soundbites. The song my body's a zombie for you sounds like a mixture of old time 60's pop music/Do wop and a great lost song from Arcade Fire's Neon Bible. Gosling's voice is surprisingly good and the choir really compliments the song as well. The main percussion loop is really the choir clapping along. The instrumental track is rather simple but it creates a very interesting old time feel. This is a standout song on the album. If your looking for a time warp or for the perfect album for your Ouija night pick this up.

To hear the song
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