Thursday, October 8, 2009

Phoenix: Lisztomania

By The Foz
Staff Blogger

Well this is a first two songs in a row that are not your typical rock song. This song was introduced to me at my local campus bar before the excessive amount of alcohol was consumed that made the rest of the night a bit of a blur. This song starts with an amazing keys and guitar combo that creates a very cool sound that drives the entire song. Then the lead singer breaks in with an very cool sounding British sounding voice. Reminds me of the Kooks lead singer a bit. This is vary odd as the Kooks are from UK and Phoenix are from France. Yet the sound is similar. To stick with the vocal theme for a second I would like to point out the repetitive lyrics. For example at points they repeat certain phrases 2 or 3 times and this adds a very cool edge to the song. The Keys continue to add a lot to this song through out it and at the end they even turn into the star of the song. All of this creates a truly unique sound. Give it a listen and if you can come to the Bombshelter Pub at the University of Waterloo to hear the best cover of this song...well it sounds identical to the real song so its that good.

Check out the video Here

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