Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Album Review: Tegan And Sara: Sainthood

By Captain Pownzor
Staff Blogger

Tegan and Sara, sound similar but with a slight variance on their last effort The Con. Interesting use of some electronic sources add to the acoustic, relationship/angst music. It is an enjoyable listen overall, but the tracks run into one another at times. The track “Hell” starts off with a riff worthy of an old Doom 95 level. Its catchy and it’s what I would expect from Tegan and Sara. There is really nothing here that is making my eyebrow raise and my foot tap, certainly nothing new. They are sort of getting into a habitual format. Except for “Northshore” that is, this track sounds like they are trying to take a stab at punk. Its short, its ripping and it features their famous twin harmony over some loud, (for them) backing tracks. I would say upon listening to sainthood, that it is a transitional album, that is to say it’s a little tossed off feeling, these songs could have just been b sides reflecting a darker side of “The Con“. If you’re a big fan, give it a listen, if not I would wait for the next one. There were subtle hints of change on "Sainthood" it's time for them to nut up or shut up and give us something new.

You can hear some of Sainthood On the band's Myspace

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