Friday, November 6, 2009

Chase The Sunset: Nights Like These

By Captain Pownzor
Staff Blogger

I have to say for hearing a lot of rock metal lately, especially in regards to some of the terrible shit on myspace, I am really impressed with Chase The Sunset, “The song nights like these” holds something really special. The opening riff seems to tickle the hair on the back of your neck until it starts to thrash in an all out melee. The production quality of this song alone is very good, I am really surprised this band still remains unsigned. Great soft/loud dynamic and some excellent playing overall. The song has a very rip shit up type attitude to it. And no I don’t mean in an Andrew WK way. The lyrics are fairly simple but also leave lots of room for interpretation.“The city wakes from a bed of nails, She sits and waits for me, The city waits for no longer, Lets start the fires” is the opening verse for some reference. This song is a veritable needle in a haystack of Rock metal Myspace cookie cutter filth. It’s not really revolutionary style or earth shattering, but something that Chase the Sunset is doing, is done far better than most.

You can hear Nights Like These On Chase the Sunset's Myspace

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