Tuesday, November 24, 2009

ohbijou: Black Ice

By: Captain Pownzor
Staff Blogger

So as I start listening to the song "Black Ice" off of the album Beacons by ohbijou, I’ve got this instant rapport with the song. I think this comes because not only does it sound great, but it sounds really similar to some artists that I listen to quite regularly.

Let me set the sound of this song for you. Lets picture the resounding strings of a matt pond PA song, then lets take the type of boyish and charming lyrical style Ben Gibbard uses in Death Cab for Cutie, only Ben Gibbard has been replaced by a woman who sounds almost like a cutesier more easygoing Bjork.

Pretty crazy stuff isn’t it?

This song is by no means a fantastic genre bursting effort, but with so many elements nicked from others in the same genre it certainly cant go wrong. There is a lot of talent here and it deserves a great amount of recognition.

I would recommend this band to any Death cab, Matt pond PA, Bjork fans.It just makes sense for you to listen to this.

The Toronto based Indie band has in fact, produced 3 albums, to date and they are just finishing off their Canadian tour. Black ice shall be added to my play list on heavy rotation for the time being. It should certainly last much longer on my play list than “Black Ice” by ACDC did…*shudder*.

Myspace it up to check out ohbijou

Their website is also nifty..

and as a special treat..if you like the song Black Ice by obijou or want to check it out here's a free download

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