Monday, November 30, 2009

Robert Desmond Band: Fallen Hope

By Captain Pownzor
Staff Blogger

The Robert Desmond Band is based out of Toronto Ontario, and when I threw on their track Fallen Hope my eardrums and speakers both nearly exploded through the heavy bass line. The song reminds me a lot of three days grace, with similar distorted guitars and vocal styling’s.
I would have to say that Robert Desmond band is certainly doing vocals right here too. You have a nice loud punchy alt rock song with someone that doesn’t sound like they smoked every cigar in Cuba.
The main riff is just far too catchy in this to ignore and the variety of effects, breakdowns and solos show that the whole band is very talented.
Having said all this, the unfortunate part is, what we’ve got here is not something terribly new, but it fits seamlessly into a music library with three days grace, Hoobastank and Trapt. With a song like this the band could have exploded if it had come out round 2002. Hearing it in 2009 is like a rewind, but honestly I’d rather just pop in Big Shiny Tunes 8 and listen to this when people still thought that these bands were still good. I haven’t heard SHIT on Trapt, Hoobastank Or TDG for quite some time, they have all but disappeared .
With that said I commend the band for capturing a sound that I thought was fully dead and restricted to some bands who are in the process of becoming washed up. As for any staying power or the chances for The Robert Desmond Band to blow up, I wish them all the best, but I feel that they may have just missed their chance to get big off of a sound like this.

You can hear Robert Desmond Band on their myspace

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