Monday, December 21, 2009

Squaresville: Hush, Here Comes The Wizbang.

Just turn the sucknob to full.

By Captain Pownzor
Staff Blogger

So recently I got a copy of the movie It Might Get Loud by completely legal methods which I wont get into. You know how it is on the Internets. Anyway along with the movie files was an .mp3 file. A clever and desperate marketing ploy which unfortunately worked with me.
So for the lulz I took a listen to Hush, Here Comes the Wizbang. The name Squaresville aptly describes this effort. Basically it’s a rehash of some 90’s one hit wonders, but it lacks any sort of hook that would allow me to associate it with the word hit. Yeah its more like shit. Singer moaning out some nasal mumble that has my eardrums begging for mercy.
I mean sure the band keeps it together, which is really all you can ask for from a myspace band, the fact that it does indeed resemble some kind of music. But yeah the sound of this is just as annoying as nails on a chalkboard.
The rest of the songs on Squaresville’s myspace are equally wtf. I mean come on wait for me in the summer is like some kind of spacey drugged up love song. But its so bloody out of tune any kind of effect or sentiment is lost in the suck.
If your going to attach an mp3 to a kick ass rock offering like It Might Get Loud you’re an idiot to begin with. The movie chronicles the musical processes of The Edge, Jack White, and Jimmy Page who are more or less gods of the music industry. To try and preview your music in relation to these three artists is just an impossible feat, let alone trying to stack something up that is this amateur and impressively awful. For this I decided to give you my feedback.
With that said If you manage to get through a full Squaresville song, or even manage to eventually like one, you are far more patient than I or just straight fucking deaf.

You can check them out on myspace
Be careful with your downloads my lovelies..don’t make the same mistake I did

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