Sunday, December 6, 2009

Jónsi: Boy Lilikoi

Icelandic to English dictionary's used for Jónsi's: Boy Lilikoi

By Captain Pownzor
Staff Blogger

For fans of Sigur ros Comes the lead vocalist’s self titled solo project, Jónsi. The album is going to be released march 22nd 2010, which leaves quite a long wait.
Before we get started I’ve got to say, what a mindfuck it is to hear him sing in English on Boy Lilikoi. From what I have read in the rumor mill the majority of this solo project will be taken on in English so we can actually get the benefit of some really sort of spacey and out there style lyrics.
On this track for example we have the first bit of the chorus “We all grow old, use your eyes, the world goes and flutterby.. use your eyes” with lyrics like this its almost an imogen heap type of feeling in the song.
The lyrics may not have a seamless translation to English either, but that really doesn’t matter, for the first time we have the raw emotion of a Sigur Ros type of arrangement, paired with lyrics that connect to an English audience. This contrasting with the Sigur Ros album ( ), where Jónsi opted to make his own language called hopelandic allowing people to interpret the music on an emotional level only.
Having mentioned that, someone that is kooky enough to make their own language and sell records like a fiend doing it, is bound to have some decent ideas for a solo project. That is what I have heard here on Boy Lilikoi, its not like the louder side of Sigur ros, no violin bow playing distorted guitar unfortunately.
But what we do have here is an orchestrated piece with elements of the old Sigur ros. The sound of the strings, Jónsi’s signature falsetto voice and the use of the instruments in the song provide familiarity. While a new drum heavy track is added giving it a newer fresher feel, that I think a lot of people will enjoy. It makes it feel like a song you would want to hear in a stadium rather than in an orchestra hall.
I will be keeping an eye out for any new tracks that may pop up on the internet for now, and I am eagerly awaiting the new album.

If you want to download Boy Lilikoi, its available as a free mp3 here

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