Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Touch Me Airborne Plague: The Rate Of Exchange

3.5/5 Gasmasks on for Touch Me Airbourne Plauge

By Captain Pownzor
Staff Blogger

Straight outta Brampton BRAP BRAP…Ontario… comes one of the most silliest band names I’ve come across in quite some time. But I suppose It works for them. I’m not going to lie, clicking the link I was bracing for a wave of suck with my other hand on my volume knob.
Touch Me Airborne Plague have got something decent in their newest song, The Rate of Exchange which comes off of their own self titled sampler album. It’s like a teen punk sound with blasts of rock/pop that your not afraid to like in your 20 something’s. Which, lets face it is rare. There is something about the music that is strangely more grown up than something like A New Found Glory or Blink 182.
The bass just pounds through the background and there is even some sweet tambourine action later on in the song. The melodic style during the verses sounds like someone doing scales in a panic, its something that sounds really strange but it works well here.
So, even with such a silly band name, they manage to pull off some decent tunes. I will be following these guys and I look forward to their full length album “Culling Season” which is to be released in Jan.

You can check out Touch Me Airborne Plague on their myspace.

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