Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Album Review: Dogs Blood EP, Alexisonfire


By: Captain Pownzor

Having heard no new stuff from Alexisonfire for about a year since the release of old crows/young cardinals, I was pretty excited when I heard they were going to be releasing an EP in Nov of 2010. So I gave er a listen and these were my impressions.

Dogs Blood: Starting off pure hardcore original Alexisonfire sound. This song is loud fast and thrashy. Makes me miss the sweet, sweet cry of Dallas greens voice to get me out of the chaos. Luckily he soars over the ending guitar riffs and into the outro of the song. A mixture of the old harder Alexisonfire and the new age stuff we heard on old crows. Great starter track and the only one Dallas green appears in.

Grey: Starts off with a hell of a bass riff. Sort of bluesy rhythm. Its crazy to hear the fusion of the hardcore elements with such an old style rock riff. The bridge riffs are nothing but astounding Alexisonfire style as usual.

Black as Jet: Intro riff sounds like something out of Tokyo police club but then I’m blown away with sound. Solid drums in this fast paced loud as hell track.

Vex: The instrumental wonderment. Cool stuff even without any vocals, think of this as one of their slow jams. It sounds a bit like explosions in the sky with a headache and some serious balls murdering children across a Chuckie Cheese.

So there you have it, dogs blood ep, new Alexisonfire whereby Dallas Green is only on one song. It seems refreshing to hear some of these new songs. I especially liked the gritty nature of the new Alexisonfire stuff. Its getting away from that constant George/ Dallas dynamic for vocals they have done for so long. This is certainly a different entity from the last full length and I am interested to see what the new, full length album will be like.


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