Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Album Review: The Moment, Atomic Tom


By: Captain Pownzor

Some time ago I saw a neat youtube video from the New York based band Atomic Tom. They performed their lead single
Take me out using nothing but 4 iphones and some apps, live on a New York subway train. The strange thing is they made it sound really good.

Needless to say when browsing new releases and I saw the name I jumped at the chance to give the album a listen. It has been out online since July but their debut album
The Moment is to be released in stores Nov 22nd.

The opening few songs are OK. Loosely sounding of an Adam Lamberty sort of thing. Turn off your brain, simple toe tapping not full on making me want to shake my ass like George Michael.

The title track is a slower ballad. As well, the song Red Light Warning Sign is like a Fall Out Boy impersonation minus the clever lyrics. These are great qualities for Atomic Tom’s sex appeal but not so much for a listener like me.

Which brings me to We Were Never Meant to be. A monkey wrench in the whole album. With techno elements, strings, a wicked breakdown and an amazing showcase of Luke White’s vocals this song breaks free of the blah that seems to be there in many of the other songs.

The final song on the album
This is How we Like to End. Is somewhat of an anomaly as well. Closing the album almost bitter-sweetly. Starting off slow building into another big blast of guitars, voice and strings, and then ending on a soft note. After hearing this track it made me go right back to the beginning again.

The Album overall isn’t too bad. Some of the songs on the album have hit material and radio playability (You Always Get What You Want, Take me out, ) The problem is the songs that are not stand out hits are just not going to raise eyebrows so much. This album is great for its singles and a few other notable songs such as
We Were Never Meant to be as well as the final track This is How we Like to End.


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