Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Speed Of Sound: 13 Days

Captain pownzor here and I checked out a band that just added us on myspace called Speed of Sound.

Captain Pownzor:

“My first thoughts were, the vocals are pretty weak in this song. I didn’t know whether it was just the unique vocal style or what, it just seemed to rub me the wrong way. If I’m brutally honest it kind of sounds like Trey Parker from south park doing a Bon Jovi impression (especially when he tries to go high). Pretty simple lyrics but the playing is pretty solid though. The band itself has sort of a fray, switchfoot kind of style and I think I would really enjoy them if I was more into the vocals. Maybe if you were a fan of Bon Jovi and liked piano driven rock songs this would be your thing. Literally though just by playing this In my apartment I think my roommate has questioned my sexual orientation and taste in music in one fell swoop. I could see this band doing well at a concert surrounded by ravounous cougars looking to tear apart the lead singer that sounds like hes from an 80s hairband. In fact the title of their next song could very well be: "Gregs mom gave me a rimjob". I think I would appreciate them more for it. As you can probably tell I have to veto this sadly, maybe some of the other songs from the band are more promising, this one is just not for me.”

You can check out this song and more on the bands myspace

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