Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Decemberists: On the Bus Mall

DA FOZ on the Decemberists..


"Well frankly I enjoy the Decemberists and unfortunately I do not enjoy their latest release, The Hazards of Love. On the other hand Picaresque, one of their older releases, is probably one of the better album in recent memory. This album has this unique sound lead by the always cool lead vocals of Colin Meloy who’s voice is unique and brings something new to every song they make. On the Bus Mall is what I would call a typical Decemberists cut its slow, long and full of meaning. I will say it right now if you do not like slow drawn out songs GTFO this will not be your song. If you want a great tale about 2 people, presumably runaways, managing to make a living on very little. My favorite line has to be “And we laughed off the quick tricks--the old men with limp dicks” I could not tell you why I like this line other then it just sounds dam cool. It has been said there is a type of song called “The Nick Song”, my friends decided I like one particular type of song, typically it is slow with very little wavering from that slow pace and has an excellent intro. I would classify this song as a “The Nick Song” it fits that definition and is just kick ass."

Listen to: On The Bus Mall

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