Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Arkells : No Champagne Socialist

The Foz is talkin bout the arkells. Great group that gets overplayed to shit on our local radio. You probably know them for the boss is comming or the ballad of hugo chavez.

The Foz:

"So I can assume most people in Southwestern Ontario have at least heard of the Arkells, and most of you will know they have been tearing up the local music scene this summer. I would like to present you with a song and I would say this is the best off the album and that is No Champagne Socialist. This song starts with an amazing guitar and then is joined by the ever-impressive harmonica! Almost any song with a harmonica in my books has got it going on. Then we get into a slow somewhat politically charged song about change. Tied this all in with a young man growing up and becoming independent we have a song that should relate to most people age. I probably like this song so much as I am in a very similar situation well excluding the Jewish family part. It’s a simple song with a great message, great vocals and a great deal of harmonica! If you have listened past the radio singles give the rest of the album a chance, its solid.

Oh yah a shameless shout for their upcoming tour. The Arkells will be going on their first headlining tour of Canada so check out their website and find a show to go to it will not disappoint!"

Listen to:
No champagne Socialist

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