Saturday, September 26, 2009

Wolfmother: New Moon Rising

By Captain
Staff Blogger

Although the track has been officially released for a month the album cannot come soon enough. It has been 2 full years since
Wolfmother has released an album and I have to say I cannot wait after listening to this. Its nothing surprising, rehashed classic rock for the new age, but at the same time its not dialed in. This song is catchy as fuck with a killer hook and a turn your knob to 11 quality. Andrew Stockdale's howl makes me want to rip off my underwear and throw it at my speakers. The bass line is sexy as hell and the drums get the shit beat out of them. There's even a cool little breakdown in the middle so you can take a break from jumping around and getting punched in the ribs in the mosh pit. As much as Wolfmother can be ripped on as being a rehash, I have gained more respect for them based on this song alone. I eagerly await their album Cosmic egg which drops Oct 27.

Check out the song here

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