Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Independent: Life's Too Short

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The Independent- Life’s Too Short

Thanks you sir, great job on driving home the message bands like Three Days Grace have been selling kids for years.
Life’s too short is catchy, but the hook is a little wordy. I understand you’re trying to be clever, but repeating “If I cut the metaphorical umbilical in two” just gets annoying. It isn’t that clever. Either you are underestimating the public’s ability to tell that this song isn’t from the point of view of a child just coming out of the womb, or you know you’re audience and I don’t....the second option means your audience is stupid.
The Independent’s sound reminds me of a band I am sure no one know, Leave With Me.(Check out the myspace!) They are from London, Ont.
This isn’t a good thing, or a bad thing....just kind of expressing once again how unoriginal this sound and lyrics are.

You can listen to The Independent Here

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