Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Sunpilots:Metric System

By Captain
Staff Blogger

Sunpilots are an alternative band out of Australia with a pretty interesting sound. Its hard to put my finger on, sort of like collective soul meets early Our Lady Peace in the song "Metric system" especially. Raj Siva-Rajah certainly has a unique and very rock friendly voice. Metric system is slow and persistent on getting into your head. Keys add punctuation to a driving bass line, a hint of shredding in the background shows even the guitarist is no slouch.The Sunpilots may not identify with much of today's new music, but if you are looking to reminisce or need a fix of 90's they are an excellent source. The tweens may not like em, but Captain fucking Pownzor says they're alllllright.

You can check out The
sunpilots Here
Or if you are a fan of freeeeee music you can download "Metric System" In the bands 4 track ep

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